I am sad for St. Tsarevich Alexei.

From the looks of the Russian newspapers, the remains of St. Alexei and his sister St. Maria COULD be laid to rest not with their parents and sisters, but in a common grave in Moscow, or put on display in a museum in the city where they were slain.

All seven of the Royal Martyrs should have their relics venerated by now, shouldn’t they?

If dear St. Alexei is dissed there will be pilgrimages to that common grave;  once more he and his sister will be the first amongst the countless New Martyrs whose resting place we do not know, and the ‘poor little Tsarevich’ will be in the bosom of the people he should have led during the Second World War – which his presence upon the throne of Russia might even have prevented.

If he and his sister have their relics practically put on display, there will be pilgrimages to whatever museum they’re in.

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I chirp, therefore I blog…

This site is named after my beautiful birdies, Peridot and Pacific.  Peridot is a female and Pacific is a male.  I adopted both of them from the local Humane Society.

I don’t really think Peridot or Pacific can ever truly be tamed — they were adult budgies when I first met them, and in fact when I adopted Pacific, I was told that this was actually the second time he had come to the Humane Society.  I promised both him and Peridot that they would never have to move again and that I would always be there for them until the Great Veterinarian should ever be the only one that could make them feel better.   (Hope that’s not for a long time yet.)

Peridot is a little bossy and always has been.  Pacific is RATHER shy, but is gradually holding his own.

I received Communion at church today, and am very grateful.  Gotta do that more often!

The thing that bums me out is that I still have a bit of house cleaning to do before the city inspectors come to our apartment building.  (I hate bathroom cleaning!)

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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