I chirp, therefore I blog…

This site is named after my beautiful birdies, Peridot and Pacific.  Peridot is a female and Pacific is a male.  I adopted both of them from the local Humane Society.

I don’t really think Peridot or Pacific can ever truly be tamed — they were adult budgies when I first met them, and in fact when I adopted Pacific, I was told that this was actually the second time he had come to the Humane Society.  I promised both him and Peridot that they would never have to move again and that I would always be there for them until the Great Veterinarian should ever be the only one that could make them feel better.   (Hope that’s not for a long time yet.)

Peridot is a little bossy and always has been.  Pacific is RATHER shy, but is gradually holding his own.

I received Communion at church today, and am very grateful.  Gotta do that more often!

The thing that bums me out is that I still have a bit of house cleaning to do before the city inspectors come to our apartment building.  (I hate bathroom cleaning!)


About peridotpacific

This blog is over the top, for the birds, a la mode, Crosby, Stills AND Nash, thank you and God bless.
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